Monday, August 06, 2007

back again

Blogging is a wonderful allows life to pass by, and connections to be rekindled with little or no effort. oh the joys of the here i sit, returning to blogging my journey with God and africa...

It has been 9 months since my return to Canada (if you are new to this blog, feel very free to peek back through the year that I spent in Sub-Saharan Africa)...the trip back has been a rough one, but one so totally shrouded in the beauty and protection and provision of God, it takes my breath away when i reflect on it.

When I left Africa, I did not want to come back, quite simply. I was offered a full-time, permanent position working in South Africa; my dream job. And then came a quiet Voice -

"not yet, maeghan. My daughter, you are not yet ready. "

I knew it was God, because there was no logical reason why I would say that to myself. it was too unplanned, too uncertain... but I listened. moved back in with my parents, forcing my poor little brother Colin to give up his room (thanks colin!). Colin is 8 by the way. great guy. gonna be a heart-breaker some day; beautiful blue eyes and a soft heart.

9 months later finds me preparing for a 3 week trip to Malawi to work with Visionledd ( and hands at work in Africa ( once again, assisting in training local staff, and working with a short-term team of women from Canada who are heading over to learn what is happening with HIV/AIDS related issues in Africa.

So this is my initial post just to say hey, I'm back! I might write more before I go, but I will write more for sure when i land in the great place of malawi...

much love,


Blogger Noel said...

welcome back....

as you leave!

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Ang said...

hey Maeghan! Will try to follow along :) looking forward to reading!

1:55 AM  

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